2015/03/18 - Apache Whirr has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Which Services and Cloud Providers Are Supported by Whirr™?

Whirr uses jclouds for provisioning, so in principle it should support all the cloud providers that jclouds supports. The following table shows the cloud provider and service combinations that have been tested.

Cloud provider Cassandra Hadoop ZooKeeper HBase elasticsearch Voldemort Hama
Amazon EC2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rackspace Cloud Servers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

For development and local testing we are also supporting the BYON (bring your own nodes) jclouds provider. Check the recipes folder for a configuration sample.

What server operating systems are supported?

Each release is tested by running the integration tests on Ubuntu Server 10.04. All setup scripts should also work on Centos 5.x but we don't have a formal testing procedure in place right now.