Class DryRunModule

  extended by
      extended by org.apache.whirr.service.DryRunModule
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public class DryRunModule

Outputs orchestration jclouds does to INFO logging and saves an ordered list of all scripts executed on the cluster that can be used to make assertions. Use in tests by setting whirr.provider to "stub" and make sure you do not specify a hardware, image, or location id.

Nested Class Summary
static class DryRunModule.DryRun
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void configure()
static String md5Hex(<? extends InputStream> supplier)
static String md5Hex(String in)
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Constructor Detail


public DryRunModule()
Method Detail


protected void configure()
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configure in class


public static String md5Hex(String in)


public static String md5Hex(<? extends InputStream> supplier)

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