Package org.apache.whirr

The Whirr client API.


Class Summary
ByonClusterController Equivalent of ClusterController, but for execution in BYON mode ("bring your own nodes").
Cluster This class represents a real cluster of Cluster.Instances.
Cluster.Instance This class represents a real node running in a cluster.
ClusterAction Performs an action on a cluster.
ClusterController This class is used to start and stop clusters.
ClusterControllerFactory This class is used to create ClusterController instances.
ClusterSpec This class represents the specification of a cluster.
DynamicClusterControllerFactory A Dynamic Controller Factory.
HandlerMapFactory HandlerMapFactory used in ScriptBasedClusterAction classes to create a map of action handlers.
InstanceTemplate This class describes the type of instances that should be in the cluster.
RolePredicates Predicates for matching Cluster.Instances with certain cluster roles.

Enum Summary

Package org.apache.whirr Description

The Whirr client API.

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