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Uses of AbstractClusterCommand in org.apache.whirr.cli.command

Subclasses of AbstractClusterCommand in org.apache.whirr.cli.command
 class CleanupClusterCommand
          A command to stop the cluster services
 class ConfigureServicesCommand
          A command to configure the cluster services
 class DestroyClusterCommand
          A command to destroy a running cluster (terminate and cleanup).
 class DestroyInstanceCommand
          A command to destroy an instance from a cluster
 class LaunchClusterCommand
          A command to launch a new cluster.
 class ListClusterCommand
          A command to list the nodes in a cluster.
 class ListProvidersCommand
 class RestartServicesCommand
          A command to restart the cluster services
 class RoleLifecycleCommand
 class RunScriptCommand
 class StartServicesCommand
          A command to start the cluster services
 class StopServicesCommand
          A command to stop the cluster services

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